Lean manufacturing training

How to do training in Lean manufacturing?

You can refer to the training methods as follows:

1. Lean manufacturing Self-training

Self-studying is the best method for you.

Looking for specialized field websites (that include this one) and specialized forum you’re interested.

You can find these sites/documents online by keywords:

• Lean manufacturing standard;
• Lean manufacturing training ppt.

2. Buy Lean manufacturing books/temples

There are many books, sample documents for your reference in order to study and apply Lean manufacturing standard in the workplace.

We found the best materials available on Amazon, Clickbank … for your reference.

You can see more at: Lean manufacturing books and templates.

You also can find documents on internet by yourself by using the structure keyword:
Keywords + books / templates …

3. Online training courses

There are many online training courses on Lean manufacturing.

You can find them on search engines by the structure keyword:

• Lean manufacturing training online;
• Lean manufacturing online courses…

4. Direct training

You can search for training information at:

• Local quality, iso training centers.
• Consultant company for quality, iso field.
• The consulting firms.

You can enroll at their center, or invite them to teach at your company.
If you hired a partner to implement Lean manufacturing standard, they can train Lean manufacturing for you.

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